Wage Peace

We wage peace when protect and advocate for the rights of the earth and all its inhabitants. Waging peace needs to be practiced all the time or any progress towards peace can be lost. If we want to be the change we wish to see in the world, we must embrace everyone and everything with a new curiosity, coming from the perspective of unity rather than division. To maintain peace, you must constantly wage it

Donation Requests

We encourage you to submit donation requests by emailing honors all donation requests when possible. Send your request, along with a short written statement about the intended use. Make sure to include the date the donation is needed if the request is time sensitive.


Grants are available for artists to explore their creativity. Grants range from funding to in-kind donations and represent a commitment to supporting artists. Everyone is encouraged to apply. Grants are offered to projects which demonstrate a coherence of the concept being presented, and are prioritized by the level of potential sustainable impact the presented project(s) intend to make. To apply, send an email to including your name, project proposal and mailing address.