We wage peace when protect and advocate for the rights of the earth and all its inhabitants. Waging peace needs to be practiced all the time or any progress towards peace will be lost. If we want to be the change we wish to see in the world, we must embrace everyone and everything with a new curiosity, coming from the perspective of unity rather than division. When we disagree, we will engage in philosophical discussions to explore our shared understanding of our own realities until peace is achieved. To maintain peace, you must constantly wage it.

Love is essential to being able to teach peace. Love must be achieved to establish the connection with other people in order to achieve peace. To establish love in another human, talk to them while making eye contact, and have a conversation without taking offense to anything each-other says. Show your self, and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable to gain trust. To show love you have to prove trust, which can be established through experience.

Experiences have degrees of intensity which relate to the senses. People feel experiences and store those feelings as electrical impulses that are associated with neural pathways that make patterns in the brain of perception. When an experience spikes these feelings in people, it creates memories, which have a traumatic effect that can be measured by their intensity. Intensity can be manipulated by altering the variables perceived, meaning that a loud rock concert will have a different effect than swimming, resulting in complex variables unable to be measured by instruments, but rather only by people.

Trauma is a memory. We can change what trauma we keep stored as memories by recreating the feeling through recalling the trauma and sharing our feelings about the memory. This works because it dilutes the trauma/memory. It can be learned in a matter of a few months through repetition and essentially resets physical traits that respond to the memory within people.

People need to be completely willing when waging or understanding peace because anxiety and fear inhibit our brains from learning. If kept in a constant state of fear, people lose their ability to feel free, which results in the mental oppression of ones self. Communication is key, because if you’re not talking out loud, you’re still talking inside which causes internal conflict and results in the feelings of anxiety and fear. The conflict is waged internally because of a misunderstanding. Misunderstandings often happen when we are curious and trust is threatened.

Achieving peace is possible, if we want it.

Peace = ((love ÷ trust) + (experience*time) + (senses ÷ 1/6 )* intensity)

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